Addiction, be it alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs etc. has a devastating impact on the life of the addict, and ravages the lives of those close to him/her. We at Rathgar Consultancy Centre are a group of dedicated professionals committed to delivering psychological health and substance abuse treatment services at a high level of excellence.  We feel strongly about not only improving the quality of life for the addict themselves, but also their families.

We employ a personalised approach to each client and treat addiction as a progressive disease and not a moral issue. Our approach to treatment is holistic in nature and addresses the psychological and physical health of each client. We believe that the personal growth of an individual is promoted through a course of treatment that is evidence based and delivered by professionals who are caring, compassionate, and invested in each of our clients’ individual recoveries.

Our facility offers clients a discreet, confidential, comfortable and safe environment in which to receive treatment. Our approach helps the client to take ownership of their condition and recovery, and places an emphasis on counselling, whilst focusing on providing a comprehensive education that includes skills building, teaching tools that promote sustained recovery, and lessons on self – help and the development of coping skills including emotional regulation. Our theoretical approach therefore includes Dialectic Behaviour Therapy as well as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

We also encourage our clients’ families to participate in our Families Programme, and also in individual family sessions to help foster understanding and constructive communication in each family unit. The family programme is aimed at families and individuals living with or impacted by someone else’s addictive behaviour. It’s purpose is to help promote healing by identifying how addictive behaviour can impact the family, and how individuals within the family can protect and care for themselves.Family members who are affected by addiction often feel confused, frustrated, angry, helpless and completely exhausted.

The nature of this programme is therapeutic, educational and supportive and will help to reduce feelings of anxiety stress and confusion. It is facilitated by a professional and qualified addiction counsellor. It runs for a period of ten weeks, with the next one scheduled to star on Saturday 15 October from 10 am to 12am.

If you or one of your loved ones is in addiction, seek help as the problem will not go away but will simply get worse. Phone 0868985666 for a consultation and proposed treatment plan.