About Orla

Orla McHugh MA Dip Psychotherapy Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Orla McHugh is an experienced therapist, accredited by the NAPCP, and is also chairperson on the board of directors of the NAPCP. She is founder of the Rathgar and Sundrive Consultancy Centre and its’ director. Orla works with both adolescents and adults, supporting them in their efforts to solve difficulties that they may be experiencing. She has a particular interest in working with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression and Relationship issues, as well as counselling teenagers. Orla uses an integrative approach with particular emphasis on CBT and Schema Therapy. Since her book on teenagers was published in 2008, she has counselled hundreds of adolescents, helping them with difficulties often unique to this period of life development. Having lived in many countries during her formative years, Orla was given the unique opportunity to experience friendships with many people of different nationalities. This has instilled in her an innate ability to engage and respond to people from a wide range of backgrounds both religious, socio-economic, ethnic etc. Through her experience in third world countries she has developed a deep understanding of the fragility of humankind and the human condition, and works earnestly to help clients feel stronger and happier in their lives.

Initial in-take assessments are carried out by Orla and are optional. Assessments include the filling out of questionnaires to identify areas that need attention, identifying the clients needs and setting therapy goals.

In 2006, Orla’s book “Celtic Cubs: Inside the Mind of the Irish Teenager” was published by Liberties Press. The book was very well received and led to Orla writing her own articles for the Daily Mail. She is also a commentator for the Sunday Times, the Irish Telegraph, The Herald, etc. Orla has made a number of appearances on the TV3 breakfast show, and RTE’s “Seoighe and Seoighe” show. In the “Would you Dare” series on Seoighe and Seoighe, Orla had the challenge of helping two young adults address their spider phobia. Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy methods over the course of a day, Orla enabled the two girls to hold a Tarantula by the end of the day!

Orla also lectures in Counselling and Psychotherapy for ICHAS, Griffith College.

In 2014, Orla completed a post graduate course in Trinity College, / St. Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin, in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Currently she is involved in detailed research on Schema Therapy, a new evidence based form of therapy which is producing very positive outcomes for individuals, and is an associate member of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST)

Orla has recently established “Mumstalk,” a parental support service which provides counselling and support groups for post natal depression and anxiety, as well as fathers experiencing difficulties. Parenting courses, breastfeeding support, nutrition advice, mindfulness and yoga courses are also provided.