Rathgar and Sundrive Consultancy Centre is delighted to be able to offer a low cost counselling service, thereby ensuring that no person need go without the help and support they want. We are dedicated to providing a high quality low cost counselling service run by committed, professional and erstwhile trainee therapists, who adhere to a strict code of ethics as outlined by the accrediting body of their course. These therapists are at various stages of fully recognised and accredited degree courses, either at a graduate or post graduate level, or are finished their degree and working towards accreditation. All our trainees’ work is strongly supervised and in line with the 1 to 4 session guideline for best practice. We have a growing number of therapists joining this team thus providing clients with the optimum opportunity for matching therapist and client. Therapists work in general practice, and therefore have experience treating depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, panic attacks etc. They adopt a humanistic integrative approach to their work, therefore using a number of theoretical backgrounds and techniques to inform their work including CBT, psychodynamic, person centred etc.