Orla McHugh, Christina Ramminger, and Julia Brent have all completed a certificate course in relationship counselling, and have years of experience working in this area.

It is not unusual in the course of a relationship/marriage that difficulties, which sometimes seem intractable, arise. Relationships primarily are a path to self development and growth, which is why opposites often attract. Through the relationship each individuals involved learns to adapt and compromise,therefore becoming more rounded mature individuals. Clear communication, self responsibility, and a lack of defensive behaviours lead to a rich and rewarding partnership. We are however only human, and fulfilling these tasks within a relationship can be difficult, a tall order. Financial strain in recent times has taken its’ toll on many relationships and many couples are finding it hard working through the stress caused by these strains. At times therefore, it helps to look at relationship dynamics within the context of a safe non judgemental environment, facilitated by a trained counsellor who remains objective and helps couples work through areas of contention, enabling them to articulate their needs within that relationship. Sometimes it may be proposed that one or both parties attend individual counselling if issues from their past are deemed to be a contributing factor in the difficulty.

Our approach is humanistic, and non judgemental in nature. Each individual is treated with inherent respect, and behaviours are seen as a manifestation and reaction to emotional difficulties. They are not judged. We aim to re establish loving rapport between the couple and help to work through the hurt that either or both parties may be experiencing. In cases where the relationship may have irreversibly broken down, we help to negotiate the separation so that the relationship can end as well as possible.

If you are having difficulty relating help is at hand, phone Orla on 0868985666 to arrange a consultation and proposed course of action.